23.1. General

Your VT AIR device comes with a REST API so you can automate configuration changes in very large networks and save time. Instead of accessing the web GUI of potentially hundreds of devices you can enter the configuration changes once and send them to a whole list of IP addresses.

The REST API gives you the same configuration options as the web GUI in a text-based form. The API can be accessed via the command line, your web browser or specialized programs that read and write to REST APIs.


Via GET, POST and DELETE commands you can alter the contentens of the individual fields. You can execute a GET request to load all the fields within that endpoint. For example you can display yor VT AIR’s users with the request GET /api/user/.

When accessing the API via you web browser you can execute POST commands directly from your browser window.


23.1.1. Accessing the API via a Console GET requests

On your Mac or Linux device type

curl -k -u USER:PASSWORD https://IPADDRESS/api/user/

to access the user data of your VT AIR device reachable under IPADDRESS with the user credentials USER and PASSWORD. This reads back the configuration string of all the users currently configured on your system.

The -k option makes your command line ignore that your system does not trust the SSL connection to your device.

REST API Schema POST requests

To write data to your device you can use a POST request. Type

curl -k -u USERS:PASSWORD -d ‘DATA’ https://IPADDRESS/api/user/

the DATA string needs to include all the fields you want to fill separated by &. For example (shortened for readability):