6. Console Access

You can get to the console menu with the serial or VGA screen of your appliance. The root account will also see the console as the entry menu via SSH.

Default login data for SSH or the console are user root and password vtair.

6.1. SSH

After enabling SSH as described in Settings you can log in. When using the root user, you can see the console menu.

VT AIR Console (SSH)

Not only can you perform basic tasks like rebooting or shutting down the system but you can also display the configuration of all the interfaces in your system.

Via the shell command you can access the same shell that you can use from the web GUI. Leave the shell by typing exit.

Press enter or ctrl+d to clear the console window.

VT AIR Console (SSH)

6.2. Serial

Some VT AIR models also contain the possibility to use a USB cable to establish a serial connection. We recommend one of the following programs to establish a serial connection.






Screen, Serial



Follow the steps in USB Console to find the serial port that your connection will run on. Then enter the information in your serial program and select a baud rate of 115200.

When using Screen type “screen /dev/ttyNAME 115200” where NAME is the name of your USB connection (e.g. USB0) and press enter twice.

You’ll see the same menu as if you were connected via SSH (see above).