14.1. DynDNS

You can find the DynDNS Settings at General → DynDNS.

DynDNS can be used to have a DNS name for a dynamic IP. We currently support the following Service Types:


  • DynDNS

  • Gandi

  • dnsHome

  • Strato

  • Custom Script

IP Type choose either IPv4 or IPv6

Connection can be an Interface and the according Interface IP, a Routing Table or Periodic Check. The Periodic Check runs every 2 minutes and checks if the IP address changed and the DynDNS will be executed. On Routing Table the current default gateway will be used as the IP. If the routing table has multiple gateways with the same ip, the active one that was created first is used.

Hostname including the domain (test.voleatech.com) that the IP should be assigned to.

Username if applicable to authenticate at the Service.

Password if applicable to authenticate at the Service.

Custom Script if you choose custom script as Service Type. This will be run with minimum user rights and should not access any system ressources. There are environment variables that can be used in the script from the GUI values: