12.2. CA

You can find the CA Settings at General → Certificates → CAs.

Certificate Authorities

The Certificates Authority is the entity that issues certificates to verify ones digital identity in the network.

On the CAs screen you can edit CAs and export their certificate and private key in X.509 PEM format. Please be very careful with the private key. If the key is compromised the CA needs to be suspended.

When you want to create a CA you have to give it a unique name, which is not yet used by another CA in the system. There are three different methods to create a CA.

  • Create Certificate Authority

  • Create intermediate Certificate Authority

  • Import Certificate Authority

When you edit a certificate authority you can define the Next Serial Number. This value will be used if you create a certificate with this certificate authority.


The country where the company is registered

State or Province

The state or province where the company is located


The city where the company is located


The company name

Organizational Unit

The department of the company

Common Name

Usually the domain name, host name or URL of the company

Email Address

An email address to contact the company