8.1. User

You can find the User Settings at System → User.

On the User screen you can quick edit some user settings like activating/deactivating and deleting users.

Users are created in the Webgui and are disabled in the Linux system by default. You do need to activate them explicitly with the Sytem Access option in the users setting.

Users can be in any number of Groups.

8.1.1. Permissions

Each User can have a set of permissions. Permissions can be configured on the User itself or thhrough group memberships. Permissions are additive, meaning all permissions from Groups and users are added together to get the set of all permissions for the user.

Please be careful and consider which permissions each user should have.

The Admin user always has all permissions, disregarding which permissions you configure in the GUI. This user is a super user.

8.1.2. Language

Each user can change and configure their own language. By default all users have the global language defined in Settings.

8.1.3. API Token

Each user has automatic generated API Token to access the REST API without a password. The user still needs the correct permissions to access any ressource, the token is just to make the authentication process easier. Never the less their user and password do work as well.

8.1.4. SSH

The User can add their SSH Key/s here. If configured in Settings, he can login without a password. The system access option is required for SSH access.

8.1.5. Authentication Server

A User can have multiple authentication servers. When a user logs in, he will be authenticated against the selected authentication server. The default one is the VT Air DB. To change your Authentication Servers setup please go to System → Auth. Server and refer to the documentation at Authentication Server.


Each user can have up to 5 bookmarks that will show up in the upper right corner under his profile widget. This is a shortcut to menus. User permissions are required to access a bookmark.

8.1.7. Profile

Each logged in user can edit their own profile by navigating to the right upper corner of the screen and clicking on his name. The profile contains the name settings as well as password, language and bookmarks.

8.1.8. Logout

The logout option is also in the upper right corner by clickling on the name. Additionally after a period of inactivity the auto logout will disconnect the user from VT AIR.