17.2.4. OpenVPN Override

The OpenVPN Override is available for the authentication mode Certificate and User. This functionality can be found at the bottom of the screen once a OpenVPN server has been created and saved. A separate override for each certificate and user can be configured, as well as a custome one.

OpenVPN Server Override

The follwing options can be used:

Enabled determines whether this override shall be used or not.

IPv4 Tunnel Network and IPv6 Tunnel Network define the tunnel network for the connection.

Block Connection blocks this client connection based on its certificate common name.

Redirect Gateway can be enabled to force all client generated traffic through the tunnel.

Local Network(s) allows the usage of multiple local networks.

Remote Network(s) allows the usage of multiple remote networks.

Custom Options is for custom configuration parameters for the config. Multiple Clients with separate Networks

If you want to use an OpenVPN setup for multiple clients where each uses its own separate network, you can use the override to accomplish this. All networks for all clients have to be configured in the OpenVPN server settings at Remote Network(s). Then each client needs to use the override to set their specific network at Remote Network(s).