11.4. Global Firewall Rules (Forward and Input)ΒΆ

Firewall Rules are the core of the VT AIR Firewall. When you open the Rules site you can see that Firewall Rules are grouped by interface. The global firewall rules can be found under Global.

Firewall Rules Overview

The main difference between a normal firewall rule and the global firewall rule is that the global firewall rule has no fixed interface. You can configure the input and output interface of the rule.

Global firewall rules are processed before interface firewall rules. If you have a match here the other rules will not be looked at. The firewall rule flow stops here.

The other settings are equivalent to normal firewall rules. Please have a look at Firewall Rules (Forward and Input) for a detailed explanation.

In the top right corner of the overview page you can search for rules. As search value you can use protocol, source, destination, IP address, port or description.