8.1.12. Notifications

You can find the Notification Settings at System → Settings → Notifications.

You can configure email notifications for the system, which will send you emails if there are errors. The notifications are disabled by default.

Please make sure to configure the available options to your needs

  • Disable Notifications

  • Email Server

  • Email Port

  • From and to Email

  • Authentication

You can test the email with Send Test E-Mail. System Messages

If the notifications are enabled, it’s possible to enable system messages as well. System messages use the same email server settings as above.

Interface up/down will send a message when an interface comes up or goes down

Gateway up/down will send a message when a default gateway comes up or goes down

VirtualIP change will send a message when the VRRP state has been changed Disk Mail Root Notifications

A builtin service will check errors in the disk mail root directory. Every three hours notifications will be created and displayed in the VT AIR GUI.


This will only show messages if you do not have the mail notification setting enabled. In that case all notifictions are sent to the configured email.