3.6. Updates

You can find the Update Settings at System → Updates.

3.6.1. Update Tab

On the Update Tab you can see if there are updates available. You can see the currently installed version of each package as well as the latest version. You can update each package individually or update all at once. The update process is possible from the browser.

You can also recheck for new updates as the update check only runs every 24 hours.

3.6.2. Update Settings

In the update Settings you can configure differnt options.

Auto Update to enable automatic updates. This will enable new options:

Exclude VT AIR Packages will not update the GUI or CLI or Terminal packages and only system packages Exclude Kernel to not auto update the Kernel. A Kernel update requires a manual restart and might impact the system. It is advisable to update and Kernel manually and schedule a restart. Time of the day when the auto updater should runs. Weekday the auto updater should run.

Update Email Notifications to send an email if there are packages available to update

Enable Proxy to use a HTTP/HTTPS proxy for downloading the Updates.