3.1. Settings

You can find the General Settings at System → Settings. You can configure

  • Hostname and Domain
  • Webserver Settings
  • Global Language and Timzone
  • SSH Settings

It is a good starting point when you want to configure your VT AIR to look through these options and check if they meet your requirements. The defaults are reasonable and will work right away.

3.2. Web

The option Auto Logout Time is the time a user stays logged in when not using the webgui in seconds. The default value is 3600 seconds, which is 1 hour.

3.3. SSH

You can enable SSH and choose to only allow SSH Keys. SSH Keys have to be added to each user to be able to login.

SSH Rate Limit sets the number of connections per IP that can access the VT AIR. SSH Rate Limit Time is the time (Seconds/Minutes) that the Rate Limit should apply to.

For example a rate limit of 5 per Minutes will restrict a single IP to a maximum of 5 connections per minute.

3.4. Asymmetric Routing

By default the option Strict Reverse Path Filter is set to true under Settings. This checks for a reverse route on the interface the traffic entered so no asymmetric routing is allowed. If you need to enable asymmetric routing please uncheck this option.

You also can’t use states in the Firewall Rules (Forward and Input) for connections that use asymmetric routing. Please create appropriate firewall rules for this scenario.

3.5. Automatic Firewall Rules

We do supply automatic firewall rules for the following Services:

  • OSPF

They will be updated when you change any relevant settings in these Services. If you want to manage these firewall rules manually, you can deactivate the auto generation here.