21.2. Backup & Restore

You can find the Backup & Restore Settings at Tools → Backup & Restore.

Here you can backup and restore all data of the VT AIR.

21.2.1. Backup

The backup functionality lets you download a file with the name backup.json to your computer. This file is in the JSON format and contains all data of the VT AIR. Optionally you can enter a password before you create a backup. This password is also needed for the restore process.

A VT AIR backup is automatically created every day at 02:00 and can be found in the folder /var/lib/vtair/backup/.


Beware that all passwords which are displayed unencrypted in the web interface are also stored unencrypted in the backup. The user passwords are stored encrypted in the system and in the backup as well.

21.2.2. Restore

The restore functionality lets you restore a backup which was previously created with the VT AIR. If you entered a password for the backup, you need to enter it here as well.


Please do not modify the backup file to ensure a working restore of the backup.

The restore process will be displayed in the GUI after the backup file has been uploaded. You can watch the restore process until the end and will be redirected to the GUI afterwards. When the restore is finished, the backup settings are not yet applied. You might need to map the interfaces of the restored device to your backup and apply all settings.

Before applying all restored settings, no backup settings are applied to the VT AIR. Passwords are already used from the restored backup to sign into the Webgui.