16.9. PPP

You can find the PPP Settings at Interfaces → Assign → PPP.

PPP can only be configured on top of:

  • WWAN Physical Interfaces
  • Modem Serial Ports

PPP is commonly used for Cellular modem dial in connections.

There are three drop downs: Country, Provider and Plan. Depending on the selection it will prefill several of the following fields with data.

Username is the PPP Username

Password is the PPP Password

APN is the Access Point Name

SIM PIN can be configured if necessary

Assign to new Interface is an option shown when you create a new VLAN and it will automatically assign the Interfaces as described in Assign Interfaces.

16.10. LTE

If you bought your VT AIR with LTE, you can configure it with the following settings:

HWInterface wwan0 Port /dev/cdc-wdm0 Data Port /dev/cdc-wdm0

Add the dial in data of your provider and assign the PPP to an interface.