16.11. Netflow

You can find the Netflow Settings at Services → Netflow.

Netflow is used for collecting network traffic data and emiting it as NetFlow flow towards a specified collector.

Before you can use the Netflow it has to be installed. You can install it at System → Addons.

16.11.1. Settings

You can create multiple netflow instances, each will send the data to a collector.


On the page the Netflow can be created, updated, enabled or disabled.

Interface to listen to traffic to.

Filter is a TCPDump style filter expression selects which packets will be captured. If no expression is given, all packets on the interface will be captured.

Version is the Netflow Version and 5 by default.

Remote IP Address defines the Remote Netflow collector IP Address.

Remote Port is the Remote Netflow collector Port and 2055 by default.