16.15. SNMP

You can find the SNMP Settings at Services → SNMP.


The Simple Network Management Protocol lets you collect and organize information about the VT AIR from other devices.

At general you can enable or disable the whole service and define on which interface it’s running. The port is 161 by default. System location and system contact have placeholder words and can also be changed. The read community string is public by default and can be left blank to disable read access.

For SNMPv3 multiple users can be created with the parameters username, password, hash and encryption algorithm.

SNMP Traps

At the bottom of the page SNMP traps can be enabled. Select whether the trap should be for V1 and or V2 and an information request shall be sent.

You can create multiple custom traps with a name, OID, options and expression. Also multiple trap servers with an IP address and port can be specified, together with a community string.