20.53. XDP

You can find the XDP Diagnostics at Diagnostics → XDP.

XDP Diagnostics Status

Here you can see the current status of your XDP setup and enable or disable it temporarily. This will keep the gerenal XDP setting but allows for testing or debugging when disabling it.

To activate or deactivate your XDP setup please go to System → Settings → Advanced and refer to the documentation at XDP.

20.53.1. XDP Interfaces

XDP Diagnostics Interfaces

Here you can see stats about your interfaces supporting XDP. It will show you how many packets are forwarded or passed on to the normal firewall.

20.53.2. XDP DDoS

XDP Diagnostics DDoS

Here you can see stats about the XDP DDoS protection. XDP DDoS allows for efficient and fast dropping of packets at near line rate and therefore protects the firewall from getting overwhelmed by requests. The Firewall DDoS rules will be loaded automatically.