20.7. Bridge

You can find the Bridge Diagnostics at Diagnostics → Interfaces → Bridge.

Bridge Diagnostics

Here you can see all Bridge information. It’s divided into Bridge and Mac. You can select the desired bridge to get the information.

To revisit your Bridge settings please go to Interfaces → Assign → Bridges and refer to the Bridge documentation at Bridge.

The output for Bridge could look like this:

bridge  name        bridge id                   STP enabled  interfaces
br0                 8000.0008a20a8857       yes                  enp0s20f2

And the output for Mac like this:

port no     mac addr                    is local?   ageing timer
1       00:08:a2:0a:88:57   yes                 0.00
1       00:08:a2:0a:88:57   yes                 0.00