20.39. SHDSL

You can find the SHDSL Diagnostics at Diagnostics → Interfaces → SHDSL.

Here you can see the current settings and status of your SHDSL setup.

To change your SHDSL setup please go to Interfaces → Assign → SHDSL and refer to the documentation at SHDSL.

20.39.1. Output

You can see the current configuration that is active, the status if the modem is connected and the connection data (PAM/Speed/SNRM/LATN).

SHDSL Configuration

You can also see all performance counter like CRC errors. NE is always the local errors and FE the foreign errors if available.

The different counters are:

  • SNRM – Signal to Noise Margin

  • LATN – Line Attenuation

  • PBO – Power Back-off

  • ES – Errored Seconds

  • SES – Severe ES

  • AUS – UnAvailable Seconds

  • LOSW – Loss Of SyncWord

  • CRCa – Cyclic Redundancy Check

Clear Stats allows you to reset the performance counter.

SHDSL Diagnostics