20.28. MDRaid

You can find the MDRaid Diagnostics at Diagnostics → Hard Drives → MDRaid.

MDRaid is the Software Raid used by VT AIR if you have two equal drives in your device at installation time. If you want to get email updates on drive failures please setup the email notification at Notifications.

20.28.1. Info

This tab will print out the information about all mdraid disks and partitions and gives and overview of the current functionality.

20.28.2. Disks

This tab allows you to have a closer look at each disk and disk array. You can see the available partitions in each disk array and their health status as well as a general result of the disk array.

You have the ability to set partitions to faulty and/or to add a new disk in case of failure.

20.28.3. Copy Disk (Repair)

This tab is necessary if you need to replace a disk. The new disk needs the exact same disk layout as the old disk.

With this tool you can copy the disk layout from the working to the new disk.

20.28.4. Replace a disk

In case of a disk failure, you need to replace the faulty drive. Please go to Disks and make sure that the partitions on the faulty drive are set to faulty on all mdraid arrays.

Still on Disks remove the faulty partitions from all mdraid arrays.

The faulty drive is now properly removed from all mdraid arrays.

You now can shutdown the VT AIR and replace the disk with a new one. In case of a hot swap case, you can do this operation without shutting down VT AIR.

You now need to go to Copy Disk (Repair) and copy the partition table of the working disk onto the new disk. After this operation suceeded, you can go back to Disks.

You now need to add the corresponding partition on the new disk back to each mdraid array.

A resync operation will start after the adding was succesful to sync all data to the new disk.